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“Deliverables and service exceeded expectations”

“This contracting company has quality in the selection of personnel hired”

“Chameleon exudes professionalism, collegiality, and collaboration in all of its interchanges. All reported information is accurate and thorough”

“Quality of service was exceptional. The expertise was exactly what we needed to help bring our staff up to speed and assist with data and code migration issues. We would hire them again.”

“We value the Chameleon Staff. They are professionals who represent your company in a most positive way. I consider them part of our team, and I hope they feel the same”

“I wanted to take a few minutes and let you know how impressed I am with the services that the Chameleon staff provides. The Chameleon staff possess an extensive knowledge regarding IT and precise instructions in solving any problem that they might be presented with. They possess patience and good manners and are very nice to work with”

“We would like to extend our sincere thanks and grateful appreciation to your team for the outstanding support they provided during our most recent migration of the database, applications, and its website to the Defense Enterprise Computing Center (DECC) Oklahoma. They were part of a team that provided dependable and sustained support to the DECC migration project. The DECC migration project had many challenges and issues to overcome. These challenges included obtaining many secure communication channels between worldwide organizations, reprogramming software to enable secure access, numerous critical Information Assurance activities, complex and critical database activities, difficult system administration tasks, and facilitating the coordination of technical changes between numerous geographically dislocated organizations and activities. The Chameleon team wasinstrumental in contributing to the effort to overcome some or all of the challenges and issues. In addition, the DECC migration project presented major changes to the way programming and technical support are accomplished. Your team members contributed to the acceptance of these new changes and helped incorporate them into the daily routines. Their efforts to address technical and cultural challenges directly contributed to the progress of the project and eventual successful migration of the database and dependent application systems. Please pass along my thanks for a job well done!”

“I would like to take this opportunity to compliment the continued outstanding support that is being provided by the Chameleon staff to our Federal agency. We currently receive technical support in the areas of System Administration, Customer Service Help Desk, and Telecommunication. Request that you pass on my appreciation to your team. Each individual represent your company admirably, and functions as a cooperative team to the Government staff.”