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Chameleon Integrated Services (Chameleon) is dedicated to fostering an employee-centered culture. We have a rich benefits package, with the majority of costs being absorbed by the company. Our employees have a choice about who they work for, and we feel it’s important to have employees that are proud to tell others where they work. One of our strengths is in recognizing that there are advantages in operating as a small business. At all organizational levels, from the CEO and others, we spend the necessary time to understand our employee’s career objectives and motivations. We don’t just say it, but we prove it with exceptional benefits and opportunities.

Our benefits package is designed to immediately provide for the needs of qualified employees, and mitigate risk of employee turnover. Chameleon prides itself on providing a healthcare plan with no waiting period for coverage to all employees. This is a benefit that starts the first day of employment. Having benefits start on the first day is priceless for some new Chameleon employees as there is no lapse in benefit coverage with an employee moving from their current organization to Chameleon. In addition, Chameleon provides a formal educational program, providing company-paid training for IT certifications that are relevant to the employee and the customer the employee is supporting.

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Opportunities with Chameleon (Browse/Search)