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Culture of success

Chameleon Integrated Services (Chameleon) understands that retention of a highly qualified workforce is just as important as initial hiring and staffing. We are committed to keeping our employees abreast of industry trends, educational opportunity, and rapidly changing technologies. As a team, we foster an environment for important, meaningful work by providing a dynamic working environment that challenges the mind. Fair pay for fair day’s work, recognition, and advancement opportunities all have major influence in retaining and developing our workforce.

Major Retention Factors

Fair Pay for Fair Day’s Work

Competitive Compensation Plan
  • Above Average Base Wages*
  • Employee Benefits
    • Health Insurance
    • Dental Insurance
    • Vision Care
    • Accident/Disablity Insurance
    • Vacation & Holidays
    • Retirement Plan
    • Education Reimbursement

Recognition for Effort

Awards Program
  • Tenure Award
  • Outstanding Service Award
  • Innovative Idea Award
  • Values Award
  • Peer Awards

Opportunity for Advancement

Career Development
  • Training Opportunities
  • Mentor Program
  • Individual Development Plans