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Enterprise Technology, Cybersecurity, and Government-Level CIO Priorities

The challenges of IT modernization, cybersecurity, cloud – and finding new and better ways to optimize budgets, processes and people are not limited to the federal scope. State, county and local executives are keenly aware of the challenges that continuously evolving technology brings. Process improvement is a demand from the public and constituents. Easy-to-use apps are a firm expectation, and budget transparency is wanted for everything.1

Moving forward into 2018 and beyond, government CIO’s are charged with keeping up, moving forward, and leading their state or local government into the cloud space while ensuring the security of information and data. So, what’s the best way to establish priorities and create a project plan? These stats help to show a common direction for the future:

  • 19% of government CIOs anticipate they will increase spending for cloud services this year.
  • 17% are forecasting an increase in cyber & information security spending, and 16% are predicting an increase in business intelligence (BI) and analytics spending this year.
  • Defense and intelligence CIOs are placing a higher priority on artificial intelligence (AI) (7%) than CIOs in other industries (6%).
  • Digital transformation is more important for government CIOs (18%) than for all industries 17%), except defense and intelligence agencies (6%).
  • Cloud solutions and analytics top the ranking of key technologies and new spending, with the data center, infrastructure or legacy modernization becoming targeted for cost savings.(1)

Our Service Suite Includes

  • Cybersecurity and Risk Management
  • Data Consolidation
  • Process Optimization
  • Legacy System Modernization
  • Enterprise IT Governance
  • Data Management and Analytics
  • Enterprise Vision and IT Roadmaps
  • Agile and Incremental Software Delivery
  • Network Engineering
  • Web Application Engineering and Development

Chameleon Can Help You Meet The Challenge

How? By leveraging our significant depth and expertise that comes from years of working for the U.S. federal government. We’re the partner that brings the comprehensive knowledge and experience that you need, delivered with the professionalism you demand. Our teams will assist you in thinking through your IT modernization project plans by designing a solution that optimize for results, and will integrate with federal reporting systems. We’ll employ our partnerships to address complex problems in networks, data center consolidation and data migration. Our team of project managers will keep your team informed and comply with your state or local project reporting requirements.

We are ready to support your mission. Contact us for a confidential conversion to discuss your requirements.

(1) Forbes/Tech #InTheCloud, January 23, 2018, “Government CIO Top 10 New Tech Investments in 2018”, Louis Columbus, Contributor

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