Chameleon Integrated Services creates comprehensive solutions for mission-critical IT environments that deliver innovation, security, and transformation.

What We Do

We Create Comprehensive Solutions for Mission-Critical IT Environments That Deliver Innovation, Security, and Transformation

With You from Strategic Vision to Functional Delivery

Today’s Government and Commercial CIO has a wide range of responsibilities, challenges, and objectives. The range extends from leading as a strategic thinker in constantly changing technology landscape, to understanding the needs of today’s knowledge workers and responding to the persistent threat of cybercrime.

Chameleon is the partner you want on your side of the cyberwar. Our comprehensive understanding of tech infrastructure is based on years of experience working with complex government systems, including projects for the Department of Defense and other agencies whose missions are infrastructure modernization, cybersecurity and network security and management. We secure some of the most sensitive data for DoD through our Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) contracts, working on-site at Fort Meade, Maryland. Our facility maintains a current Top Secret clearance (DSS approved Top Secret). Our project managers are on-site, allowing a free flow of information exchange that is essential for process optimization, collaboration, and quality results.

What’s your Mission? Has it been defined for you, or are you responsible for defining and executing it? In either case, we can help. The U.S. Government has clarified their goals and priorities are in the areas of IT Modernization and Digital Transformation. The 2017 Report to the President on Federal IT Modernization outlines these areas requiring innovation and transformation; with recommendations and a view towards improving the security posture of Federal IT:

Network modernization and consolidation

Network Modernization and Consolidation

  1. Prioritize the Modernization of High-Risk High Value Assets (HVA’s)
  2. Modernize the Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) and National Cybersecurity Protection System (NCPS) Program to Enable Cloud Migration
  3. Consolidate Network Acquisitions and Management
Shared services to enable future network architectures

Shared Services to Enable Future Network Architectures

  1. Enable use of Commercial Cloud
  2. Accelerate Adoption of Cloud Email and Collaboration Tools
  3. Improve Existing and Provide Additional Security Shared Services
Resourcing federal network IT modernization

Resourcing Federal Network IT Modernization

  1. Realign IT Resources using business-focused, data-driven analysis and technical evaluation
  2. Agency CIO’s to work with their CFO’s and Senior Agency Officials for Privacy to determine which systems will be prioritized for moderniztion
  3. Evaluate current legacy system budgets and resources
  4. Emphasize reprioritizing funds and “cut and invest” strategies that reallocate funding from obsolete systems to modern technologies, cloud solutions and shared services
  5. Use Agile development practices and best practices within GSA’s Unified Shared Services Modernization and Migration Management Framework where appropriate

These items were incorporated into the 2018 President’s Management Agenda. This report outlines 11 Key Drivers of Transformation (Cross Agency Priority Goals, or CAP Goals) to guide Agencies, senior team leaders, and vendors to the Federal Government framing the goals, objectives, and priorities of the President’ Management Council. They key on increasing quality, reducing costs and waste, and moving toward a streamlined platform that increases the taxpayer’s trust, improves their user experience, increases safety and security, and wisely allocates capital.

IT Modernization GoalsKey DriversCost Cutting Priority AreasFunctional Priority Areas

IT Modernization goals

Under the first goal of IT modernization, three priorities will guide the administration’s efforts:
  • Enhancing Mission Effectiveness by improving the quality and efficiency of critical citizen-facing services, including through the increased utilization of cloud-based solutions such as email and collaboration tools.
  • Reducing Cybersecurity Risks to the Federal Mission by leveraging current commercial capabilities and implementing cutting edge cybersecurity capabilities.
  • Building a Modern IT Workforce by recruiting, reskilling, retaining professionals able to help drive modernization with up-to-date technology.

Key Drivers

  • Cap Goal 1 – IT Modernization
  • Cap Goal 2 – Data Accountability and Transparency
  • Cap Goal 3 – People – Workplace of the Future

Cost Cutting Priority Areas

  • Cap Goal 4 – Improving Customer Experience
  • Cap Goal 5 – Sharing Quality Services
  • Cap Goal 6 – Shifting from Low-Value to High-Value Work

Functional Priority Areas

  • Cap Goal 7 – Category Management
  • Cap Goal 8 – Results-Oriented Accountability for Grants
  • Cap Goal 9 – Getting Payments Right
  • Cap Goal 10 – Federal IT Spending Transparency
  • Cap Goal 11 – Improve Management of Major Acquisitions

Choose Chameleon

The Chameleon suite of services is directly aligned with the Government’s objectives of IT Modernization, Data Accountability and Transparency, Federal IT Spending Transparency, and Creating the Workplace of the Future. Our teams are poised and ready to take on the complex projects and environment that are the hallmark of transitioning from an infrastructure based system to a cloud based system. Our experience in working with US Government Agencies has given us an insider’s viewpoint, allowing us to be proactive in making recommendations and observations that are relevant and forward thinking, and assisting us in delivering on our promise – to create more secure data, reliable networks and exceed our performance metrics. Throughout the term of our engagements, cybersecurity is a key focal point for our teams, and wrapped into everything we do.

How We Can Help Your Organization Move Forward

  • Work as a collaborative business partner to help your organization meet goals and objectives
  • Define and implement the federal IT modernization / cloud migration plan
  • Define requirements and specifications and write scopes of work and project plans
  • Analyze and map your organization’s network for a thorough understanding of the configuration and details
  • Identify high-risk, high-value assets (HVAs) and define / implement methods for layered security
  • Utilize design thinking and rapid prototypes to model and test for effective solutions
  • Bring the right talent, for the right job, at the right time
  • Assist budgeting and management of an effective IT spend
  • Provide end-to-end program and project management

Focused On Your Mission

Your mission is always our focus. The requirements of your mission guide our people, processes and success metrics. We have a solid history of providing experience, agility and strategy to complex IT projects in the Department of Defense and US Federal Government. Our strategic partners help expand and enhance our delivery by bringing specific lines of expertise, or access to technology.

  • Protect people, plans, systems, and data
  • Be an outstanding agent of change
  • Create innovation in a framework with known constraints
  • Be an outstanding Line of Business partner

Like our namesake chameleon, we are known for our agility and unique ability to transform in an ever-changing environment. Your information technology capabilities, and trusted partners, must demonstrate the same instinctual abilities of a chameleon: the intelligent and intuitive ability to thrive in an ever-changing world. Let us help you achieve your goals and, like the chameleon, transform to meet today’s requirements, seamlessly integrated with its surroundings, updated for the present, looking toward the future.

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Chameleon Integrated Services ISO 9001:2015 Registered Quality System
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